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I have been into photography since I was a kid. When my parents first got a digital camera, I would spend hours playing with it, taking pictures of any and everything and telling entire stories through the images. Looking back, I can see my interest for being both behind and in front of the camera has always been within me.


When I was fifteen I got my first DSLR camera, and I could finally take the interesting, high-quality pictures of my dreams. During my teenage years I explored many subjects. My favorite thing to do was plan and execute photoshoots for which I would design the makeup, put together the clothing and sets, and handle all of the technical aspects from taking the photo to the final edits.


I now work as a freelance photographer and photo editor. My focus mostly lies in nature, event, and fine art photography. As I’ve entered adulthood, my understanding of photography and my technique and skills have grown tremendously, but something that has remained the same since I first delved into it is my fascination with darkness. I have always loved evoking a macabre mood with elements like high contrast and eerie subjects.

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